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700 N. Main Street
Wildwood, Florida 34785

Sharkys Vac N Sew, your home for service & repairs, vacuum sales & parts, is located at 
701 Webster St.

To Make Shopping Easier please reference these color charts and then select the thread you want by number.  The charts will open in a new window.

Color Chart 1 - Reds and Blues 
Color Chart 2 - Greens and Yellows
Color Chart 3 - Neutrals and Neon 
Color Chart 4 - Metallics

Features of the Super Brite Polyester embroidery thread

  • Made from High Tenacity, super bright trilobal polyester
  • Has a superior colorfastness over rayon
  • Is very versatile - can be used for all embroidery applications
  • Is available in 453 brilliant colors

Benefits of the Super Brite Polyester embroidery thread

  • Superior sewability, which means fewer thread breaks
  • Has excellent stitch formation and appearance

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Robison Anton Metallic Embroidery Thread



Robison Anton Embroidery Thread