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To Make Shopping Easier please reference this color chart and then select the thread you want by number.  The chart will open in a new window.

Color Chart - All Colors & Metallics

Hemingworth Thread is a polyselect, colorfast, 40 weight thread, wound with 1000 meters per spool. Available in a large variety of 300 beautiful colors, Hemingworth has any hue you need to fill your thread palette, including variegated and metallic. In short, Hemingworth is exceptional thread on a revolutionary thread spool system.
Hemingworth combines exceptional thread with a clear protective cap and rubber stopper. This unique spool is designed to prevent unraveling and tangling. It delivers a smooth feed to your embroidery machine and protects your thread from elements that destroy thread quality. For decades, embroiderers have faced the challenge of effectively storing embroidery thread, and as any embroiderer can attest, unraveling and untangling are all too familiar and frustrating problems. The protective cap solves these problems. It preserves thread quality by blocking dust, oil and  UV rays. The removable stopper traps the thread tail, preventing unraveling and tangling during storage. The cap also acts as a thread guide during the embroidery process. It provides smooth spooling and decreases snagging and thread breaks.

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Hemingworth Embroidery Thread



Hemingworth Metallic Embroidery Thread