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Cut Away Stabilizers

Stabilizers > Cut Away Stabilizers
Cut Away stabilizers are a great option for many projects.
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S1 HvyWt CutAway 2.5oz 10"x10yd


S2 StabilStick CutAway 10"x10yd


S3 Polymsh Cut Wht 1.5oz 10"x10yd


S4 Polymsh Cut Wht 1.5oz 10"x10yd


S5 Med Wt CutAway 2.0oz 10"x10yds


S7 StabilStick CutAway 15"x10yd


S8 FUSIBLE Polymsh Cut Wht 1.5oz 15"x10yd


S9 Med Wt CutAway 2.0oz 15"x10yds